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Marla Martenson, pro matchmaker

All photos courtesy of Marla Martenson

Marla Martenson
grew up in Tacoma, Washington, the “City of Destiny.” She’s an all natural flair for operating and a deep curiosity about reading and authorship poetry and brief stories. At the period of sixteen, Marla had been located in Iran together household, teaching themselves to speak French and Persian, if the transformation forced their go back to Arizona State. After a year of university right here, the pursuit of an acting career received the woman to Hollywood and a stint in tv commercials and print modeling.

Restless and hopeful for brand new challenges, in the early 1990s it absolutely was onto Chicago, in which she unearthed that she might use the woman individual matchmaking encounters to greatly help other people. She later turned this talent into a lifetime career as a matchmaker in la, where, since 2001, this lady abilities have actually led lots of partners to matrimony. She discovered and partnered her very own, artist and author
Adolfo Jon Alexi
, in Mexico City in 2002. Some sort of traveler and culture fan, Marla talks of by herself as having a French flair, a Persian cardiovascular system, Italian flame, and Mexican taste buds Marla additionally works as an existence coach and motivational audio speaker inspiring individuals and going for wish which they too, will get their particular spirit mates.

Marla could be the writer of three memoirs,
Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker
Minds at risk
, and
The Buddha Helped Me Do It
. She has already been questioned regarding the Today program, WGN Chicago day Information, hillcrest lifestyle, metropolitan race, CTV Calgary, Better television, KUSI San Diego Morning program, as well as over 100 radio shows such as coast-to-coast AM with George Noory.

Marla and Adolfo reside in blissful equilibrium in Los Angeles, where she continues to bring her considerable matchmaking expertise to bear on singles populace of star-studded Southern Ca while her talented husband serenades them with their own songs and songs.

What put you in the path to become a professional matchmaker?

It was a fluke. I have been an actress/waitress for twenty years. Sadly, additional time was spent in restaurants than in top of a camera. Wishing on dining tables was never ever my personal fantasy and I also longed to-do one thing more important using my existence. Whenever I was actually 39 i discovered myself in Hollywood after having invested almost all of the ’90s residing Chicago. My dad had just died, and I also ended up being lost and experienced hopeless. My today spouse, Adolfo, had a pal who had been taking over the management situation at videos dating solution labeled as Great objectives and she gave me a part-time task. I absolutely loved improving the singles and conference countless interesting individuals. Following that, I landed a position at a high-end Beverly Hills matchmaking service as a matchmaker to affluent males seeking breathtaking ladies for marriage. Last year, I left that work as well as in 2010 started my personal boutique matchmaking service.

Precisely what do you prefer most and minimum about becoming a Beverly Hills matchmaker?

The things I similar to is for the interesting men and women I am fortunate enough to generally meet, and ideally infuse some love within their physical lives. It could be really gratifying. I also love becoming my personal manager and being capable of making my own timetable. I’m able to operate from everywhere as long as I have my laptop.

The one thing i prefer minimal is actually dealing with the human being character on the affluent guy. I am likely to move supermodels outside of the air. They each have very particular tastes all the way right down to eye tone, locks shade, top and also cup dimensions. I experienced a couple of males even indicate breast size! That don’t go over too well with me, as you can imagine. Very, like most task, you will find the disadvantages and challenges for certain. We reveal many of these idiosyncrasies inside my memoir, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker.

You describe your dating customers since, “busy, winning males looking for a connection with sweet, drama-free, lively and beautiful females to enhance their unique life.” How can you discover these people, or just how do they find you?

The males come to you (i’ve an excellent business companion which manages memberships and income) by recommendation and recommendations. We’ve been fortunate not to must advertise. Since I have’ve been matchmaking for 15 years, i’m perfectly understood on the market and females arrived at me personally each week via employers, different matchmakers, their girlfriends advise all of them, they read my publications, newsletter or hear me personally on the radio… those are simply just a few ways women look for me.

Just how do the fees work with your online business? Carry out the winning men pay additionally the young, gorgeous women get your solutions free-of-charge, or…? is it possible to say exactly what the typical charges are for each?

The the male is the clients. These are typically very busy and hire all of us to complete the legwork for them. They shell out a charge in advance, usually for a one-year contract, but often we would shorter products. Subscriptions begin at $10,000.

Of the romance/dating experts you have questioned for your YouTube channel, Conversations With Cupid, could there be one which stands apart to be a lot of memorable/surprising?

David Wygant is considered the most outrageous visitor i’ve ever endured. The guy says to it like it is, and also sprinkles from inside the F term. I managed to get 1000s of opinions regarding the video clip we performed about earlier males online dating younger women. He or she is an absolute hoot!

Out of your fifteen years as a specialist matchmaker, can there be any guidance you would like to provide both women and men about far better dating?

Oh my personal goodness, there are a lot situations I could say, however the most common faux pas might possibly be: discussing him or her on a night out together, utilising the go out like a treatment period, arriving late, taking a look at the cell phone all night long, rather than utilizing good hearing abilities.

What is just about the most frequent mistakes men make in matchmaking?

We have a complete listing, but the one that shines in my own head at this time just isn’t acting like a vintage fashioned gentleman. Ensure that your time gets to her auto safely, available doorways, shell out the girl valet admission, match the girl, and pick up the phone as opposed to texting. If a person would do these easy circumstances, he can shine that beats all others.

What is probably one of the most frequent errors ladies make in matchmaking?

There are many expectations, but i might state among the many huge ones is making reference to their unique ex and making use of the big date as a treatment program.

On internet dating profiles, women usually ask men who happen to be “financially protected”. What, precisely, does that mean?

In the same manner the male is hardwired to-be visual and can’t be with a female they don’t discover appealing, women are difficult wired from the rock -age to find one who is going to supply and protect. For this reason females commonly like men that are tall and financially profitable. I’ve had a lot of women let me know that they want men just who makes a lot more than they are doing. Most women have been around in the specific situation where these were promoting a man, and therefore did not cause them to become feel good. Women still commonly like guy to make the lead, earn more and be able to offer her if necessary.

In addition find nevertheless when you look at the 21st 100 years, when women do not really need men for security or even supply housing and food, i actually do meet ladies who are seeking the “free experience” or “meal pass.” People call them gold diggers, or opportunists. Here in L. A., females appear throughout the entire world to get near the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. They notice extravagant vehicles; exclusive jets, mansions and red carpet events, and they wish to be a part of it. I’ve satisfied most females who can just date multi-millionaires or billionaires.

You mentioned, “A man desires be wanted for just who he is, not really what he has got.” It isn’t your job locating men that have a bunch of money and matching all of them with ladies who have childhood and beauty? Isn’t really all that matching people who have what they have instead of who they are?

Yes, it is a fact that my clients tend to be rich men, but that’s because those are the males who is going to afford our very own VIP, specialized service. And large- driven men with money who happen to be paying thousands for a matchmaking service, expect the ladies getting exemplary looking. Usually, why pay 10-25 fantastic for a site? I might end up being thrilled if my clients had been ready to accept satisfying ladies who are normal looking. It would certainly make my personal job a thousand occasions much easier.

Exactly what are Reiki, Life Force Energy Healing, and Crystal Healing, and exactly how do you get involved with them?

We document my entire trip within my memoir, The Buddha helped me get it done, nevertheless small variation is actually, I started getting classes at somewhere known as consider Center in Tarzana, Ca. plus one associated with the classes ended up being crystal healing. I found out that I could get qualified and therefore started my personal deep curiosity about discovering various recovery strategies.

Reiki/Life Power fuel healing:

The phrase Reiki is made from two Japanese words – Rei which means that “God’s knowledge or even the greater energy” and Ki that’s “life power electricity”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually led life-force electricity.”

A treatment feels like a delightful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats your whole person including body, thoughts, mind and spirit creating numerous helpful impacts which include leisure and thoughts of comfort and health and wellbeing.

Reiki is great at helping virtually every recognized ailment and malady and always produces an excellent result. In addition, it operates along with other medical or curative ways to relieve unwanted effects and promote recovery.

Crystal Healing:

Crystals carry a vibration that activates specific fuel stores in this electromagnetic program, thus having a confident impact on our very own physique methods.

The vitality delivered from the organized deposits mixes and resonates in the chakras to advertise self-healing. This type of vibrational medication enables the human body to eliminate full of energy imbalances and assist facilitate recovery. Crystals can absorb, enhance, transmute and stability powers within the body to support recovery on a physical, emotional, emotional and spiritual amount.

Marla Martenson’s newest publication

Inside book, THE BUDDHA FORCED ME TO TAKE ACTION: a Field Guide to EnLITEnment, you provide your own entertaining religious quest. Could there be a complete insight you got from this search?

Oh my personal goodness, this trip was therefore profound. We besides learned so much about myself personally plus the world, but that life is a never ending opportunity to find out, experience and look into the mystical while the divine.

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Exactly what more is on the bucket listing?

Vacation (You will find a summary of places i do want to see) and writing more publications.

Your own wasteland island alternatives for each:


The Buddha forced me to get it done. (I adore reliving my adventures using my friend Julie.)


Love In Fact






Such a thing Celine Dion or Rod Stewart

Famous individual throughout history you’d like for dialogue?

Edgar Allan Poe

Famous individual throughout history you’d like for romance?

Rod Stewart!

Marla & Adolfo, groom and bride, 2002.

Exactly how do you fulfill your personal soul mates, and just how did you know him as a result, without deciding to carry on the search?

a common pal known as Sabrina launched us. We came across and were collectively from the time. It flowed, difficult to say precisely why this option worked and other individuals did not. Personally I think that we have had a number of last physical lives collectively and in addition we need to work out some karmic problems contained in this life time.

Just how are you able to sustain your very own marital commitment for way too long?

It hasn’t been simple. My spouce and I are a proper existence Ricky and Lucy. There has been many good and the bad, but we like both and always grow and find out.

On the web log, you really have an article you published titled, “Are We supposed to Eat Meat?” tend to be we? And what exactly is that post doing on a dating web log? If someone’s a vegetarian or vegan, or a gung-ho meat eater, as long as they reveal that on their dating profile, or during their first conference?

During the last year or two You will find moved my personal website and blog are about enjoying your self. I would personallyn’t call-it a dating blog whatsoever. It will be features a spiritual theme. If you do not love and appreciate your self, it will be a challenge to find a good partner or someone after all. I think it is perfectly fine to add that you will be vegan or which you enjoy a good steak in your internet dating profile. Basically were unmarried once more and seeking as a vegan, I would personally like to connect with someone that shares my beliefs and ethics of non-violence and respecting all beings. Loving pets and leaving them off my plate is a huge element of just who i’m into center.

Your website motto is apparently “Love your self, Love lifetime”. The reason why do you select that since your motto? Was actually here a period that you know as soon as you did not perform one or all of those? If so, how do you turn that around? And exactly how can other people turn it in?

We completely have become over the years. I’d low self-esteem after having have been bullied as a child and verbally abused for decades by guys I became in relationships with. As a matchmaker, I see numerous singles wishing a quick fix. They would like to hire me to locate them an ideal spouse, when they by themselves have actually a lot recovery, raising and try to carry out on themselves. Unless you love who you really are, why would some other person? We turned it around with numerous years of self-help workshops, guides, healing modalities and existence experience. Others is capable of doing similar. I assist people clear out obstructs and stagnant power.

I realize researchers tend to be mastering robots designed for love. Does this move you to stressed about your work safety?

Wow, actually, I love the concept. There are numerous guys that are therefore awful picky that they can never ever get into a relationship through my personal service. I would love to claim that they provide a robot a go! At the least the robot will not age or gain weight.


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